Permanent Commission on Speleotherapy

Commission Permanente de Spéléothérapie


Department of Research / Département de la recherche scientifique 
  (PCS / CPS - UIS)


of Permanent Commission on Speleotherapy / Commission permanente de spéléothérapie (PCS/CPS) of UIS
and the host institution - SANATORIUM EDEL s.r.o., Medical Institution for Children with respiratory diseases using speleotherapy / Dětská léčebna respiračních nemocí se speleoterapií
DATE: October 26 – 28, 2018
VENUE SANATORIUM EDEL s.r.o. Lázeňská 491
793 76 Zlaté Hory Czech Republic www.speleoterapie.cz
GPS: 50.2521425N, 17.3908578E

INFORMATION www.symposium-speleoterapie.webnode.cz www.speleotherapycommission.webgarden.com
e-mail: symposium@speleoterapie.cz
tel.: +420 602 206 169

Alexandra Plevačová, + 420 602 206 169, alexandra.plevacova@speleoterapie.cz
Adam Svozil, + 420 602 206 148, adam.svozil@speleoterapie.cz

Please register by e-mail www.symposium-speleoterapie.webnode.cz where the on-line registration form is presented.
Early registration until: July 15, 2018
Early registration fee: participant € 100, accompanying person € 70
Late registration from: July 16, 2018
Late registration fee: participant € 130, accompanying person € 70

Registration fee includes:
- Symposium materials, propagation and gift materials
- Access to opening ceremony and symposium
- Lunch on October 26 and 27
- Dinner on October 26 and 27
- Coffee breaks, refreshments
- Get together party on October 26 at the speleotherapy of SANATORIUM EDEL s.r.o.
- Gala evening on October 27
- Certificate for participants


Participants of the symposium make reservation by themselves. In case you need our assistance, please contact us.
Always refer to the symposium when making reservation at hotels.

Aspen Hotel *** www.hotelaspen.pl, Poland, 8 km from the venue
Hotel Max www.maxjar.pl, Poland, 8 km from the venue
Hotýlek u Pekina www.hotylekupekina.cz, 5 km from the venue
Hotel Potok www.wloskismak.pl, Poland, 8 km from the venue
Penzion u Horáků www.penzionuhoraku.cz, 4 km from the venue


October 25, 2018
working session of PCS
arrival of participants, registration

October 26, 2018

9:00 registration
10:00 opening ceremony
10:30 lectures with coffee breaks and lunch

18:00 get together party

October 27, 2018

9:00 lectures with coffee breaks and lunch
19:00 gala night

October 28, 2018 departure of participants


Suggested thematic areas for lectures:

1. Components and quality of the underground environment in mines and caves recommended or used for health and tourism: microclimate, physical, chemical, microbiological and other studies.
2. The structure of underground sections in mines and caves with speleotherapeutic factors. Management, exploitation of various mines and caves for speleotherapy; protection, engineering problems.
3. Speleotherapy mechanism, therapeutic effect, methods and methodological recommendations for using carst caves and salt mines or other origins for prevention and therapeutic purposes, medical recovery / rehabilitation, medical tourism, speleological or mining tourism, for relaxation and recreation depending on the presence and the quality of the underground curative (therapeutic) factors.
4. Speleotherapy in karstic caves and salt mines or other origins (knowledge activities and scientific studies dedicated to the specific underground environmental therapeutic factors, experimental results, studies of speleotherapy mechanism and the speleotherapeutic effect, clinical results in patients with different pathologies - obstructive pulmonary disease; allergic diseases, especially with bronchial asthma and also for other chronic respiratory inflammatory or allergic diseases of children and adults).
5. Halotherapy, halo-aerosol therapy in rooms / salons constructed on the surface - method emerged as a result of studies in the field of underground therapy (speleotherapy) in salt mine galleries. Halotherapeutic chambers and methods; salt aerosol generating systems and similar equipments; experimental and clinical studies, indications and contraindications, halotherapeutic effect.
6. The use of speleotherapy with other complementary and alterntive methods (CAM) for prophylaxis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with different pathologies.
7. Specific parameters with speleotherapeutic properties in karst caves and salt mines or other origin, as well as in the halotherapeutic rooms (spaces) on the surface. Methods for evaluation of the active therapeutic components of the speleotherapeutic environment utilized for speleotherapy, speleotherapeutic and mining medical rehabilitation, medical tourism and also for rehabilitation, tourism or recreation.
8. Proposals of methodological recommendations in the field of speleotherapy and halotherapy (depending on the component and quality of the underground environmental therapeutic factors used for speleotherapeutic or halotherapeutic purposes and the pathology of the patients to whom applies respective cure.
9. The history of speleotherapy and halotherapy.
10. Managerial and legal aspects of speleotherapy and halotherapy

Deadline for abstracts submission is on August 1, 2018. Abstracts will be evaluated until August 30, 2018.
Abstracts are to be sent to speleotherapysymposium@yahoo.com and / or symposium@speleoterapie.cz.

Please follow https://symposium-speleoterapie.webnode.cz/abstracts/ to find about required abstract format and rules to be followed.

Representatives of Permanent Commission on Speleotherapy and the host institution SANATORIUM EDEL s.r.o. are looking forward to your participation and your joint will to share knowledge, practice and results of research.


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